What is it?

With parametric CAD we model designs in such a way that, once finished, we can modify their dimensions immediately. The new version will differ from the original only in the modified parameters. For example, if we have created a ring for a gem with certain measures, we can create any variation of that ring with other gem measures without modifying the rest of the measures. If during modeling we have established that other dimensions of the ring are related to the size of the gem, these dimensions will also be modified automatically, without requiring remodeling tasks. To do this, simply we change the value of the gem parameters (such as width, length, and height), and immediately we obtain the new version.


What is it?

Manufacturing of jewellery models or unique pieces, generated by means of a computer program (whose generic name is CAD). It is delivered to the customer in a digital file in standard STL, STP or other formats.


What is it?

Obtaining of physical jewellery models. Previously modelled digitally in 3D, they are manufactured by means of 3D printing and sent to the client by postal service.

It implies two stages:

  • 3D printing: the printer produces the physical model automatically.
  • post-treatment: textures and other printing defects are evened out manually (for instance, by sanding), treated chemically (for example by applying ammonia steam), and others.


What does it entail?

We digitalise physical jewels and gemstones in order to obtain a 3D-format digital file.


What is it?

We place the 3D models and preliminary prototypes on the Internet, in a password-protected and confidential directory assigned to each client. The hosting site offers:

  • a potent 3D visualiser of the models, with rotation, scrolling, zoom, cut and measuring analysis.
  • Log for comments, similar to Whatsapp.
  • 3D visualiser screen-shots, where graphic annotations, or text, logged in the chat stream can be written.

What are they?

2D sketches and preliminary prototypes precede the manufacturing of the 3D jewellery models. Once the blueprints and preliminary prototype have been approved, the definitive 3D model starts to be elaborated.

They comprise:

  • dimensioned 2D blueprints, with top and side views and perspective.
  • Images that simulate the final appearance of the jewel with the gemstones set, known as render.
  • Estimate of the weight in metal
  • Estimate of the size and carats of the gemstones.

The blueprints, renders and estimates are obtained from a preliminary prototype in 3D. The preliminary prototype is a very simplified version of the final 3D model, and therefore it is cheaper. The client can optionally explore the prototype in detail with a 3D Visualizer, or obtain it in an STL file for 3D printing.

What is it?

Manufacturing of jewellery models for serial production and unique pieces. Sent by postal service.