What is it?

3D Artisans is a parametric jewelry modeling CAD toolkit. These tools must be incorporated into Grasshopper, which is the plugin for performing parametric CAD in Rhino.

3D Artisans is currently in the first phase of development, it contains few tools. However, it is distributed free of charge in its first steps of development among the jewelry CAD community in order to test and optimize its usefulness.


What tools does it include?

Brilliant cut. It creates brilliant cuts from a curve that represents the section of the girdle of the gem. It generates rounded, oval, pear, marquise or cushion profiles, with the particularity that it not only generates from mathematically ideal profiles but also from irregular profiles: deformed rounded, bowtie oval, elongated pear, asymmetrical marquise, etc. More information here.

Gem Girdle: It extracts the girdle section of a mesh or polysurface gem. It also extracts the centroid from the girdle.

Girdle Curve Generator: Creates girdle curves of non-ideal gem cuts, in addition to ideal ones. It generates irregular curves such as deformed rounds, boxy ovals or the transition to cushion cuts, flat or elongated pears, asymmetric marquises, or tapered baguettes. It also creates emerald cuts allowing to define the angle and length of the chamfers. This tool can be linked to Brilliant Cut or Emerald Cut to create irregular gem cuts.


What are the installation requirements?

Rhino 6 already includes the Grasshopper plugin by default, it is not necessary to install it. Grasshopper is displayed with the corresponding button located on the Standard toolbar, or also from the Tools menu, Grasshopper option.

If you have previous versions of Rhino, Grasshopper can be downloaded and installed for free from this link:


Where do you download 3D Artisans for Grasshopper?

Freely download the 3Dartisans.zip file here. This license allows you to commercialize the projects generated with this tool, but not commercialize the tool.

Creative Commons License
Brilliant cut by Carlos Serra is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at www.3dartisans.com/downloads/3Dartisans.zip.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.3dartisans.com/index.php/en/products/3d-artisans-plugin.

How to setup 3D Artisans in Grasshopper?

  • Unzip the 3Dartisans.zip file. Copy the unzipped 3D Artisans folder to save it to the Clipboard and paste it later.
  • Start Rhino and run Grasshopper from the Tools / Grasshopper menu.
  • At the Grasshopper window, from the File menu, select Special Folders / User Object Folders.
  • Paste the 3D Artisans folder into User Object Folders.
  • Close Grasshopper, close Rhino, and restart them. When you display Grasshopper, the 3D Artisans tab will appear on your toolbar, with its tools included.