What is it?

Tool included in 3D Artisans for Grasshopper, which allows creating brilliant cuts of rounded, oval, pear, marquise or cushion profiles, with the particularity that it not only generates from mathematically ideal girdle profiles but also from irregular profiles: deformed rounded, bowtie oval, elongated pear, asymmetric marquise, etc.

What is it?

3D Artisans is a toolbar for jewelry CAD. It is distributed free of charge for two types of users:

  • For standard Rhino users. It is installed and deployed as a new toolbar for Rhino. It only works from version 7 of Rhino, under Windows operating system.
  • For parametric CAD users. It is installed as a plugin for Grasshopper, which in turn is a plugin for performing parametric CAD in Rhino. In this case, 3D Artisans consists of a set of cluster-type components.

It should be noted that both modalities require the Grasshopper plugin to work, however, the standard user executes the 3D Artisans tools with the Grasshopper plugin in hidden mode, a function only available from Rhino 7. Because of operating in hidden mode, the standard user does not require knowledge of Grasshopper.

3D Artisans is currently in the first phase of development, it contains few tools. However, it is distributed free of charge in its first steps of development among the jewelry CAD community in order to test and optimize its usefulness.