By mirror we mean a flat mirror-polished surface. Apparently, this design suffers from the same aversion. A pair of burnished yellow and white gold earrings (total of 29 grams), with 30 brilliants (total 1.55 kt), 2 rubies of 5.0 mm (approximate total 1.0 kt) and enamels.

If we look at the yellow gold spirals closely, we can verify that the top surfaces present a certain concave quality. We could shield ourselves behind mere aesthetic prejudices. Yes, of course, but there are background reasons: modelling flat mirrors in a digital jewel is as trivial as it is laborious to model in metal.

If we wanted to evaluate an artisan's skills, it would be enough to commission a design from him which included a flat burnished surface. A mediocre artisan, or one who depends on a too meagre budget, will deliver a surface with waves, undulations or a certain roundness at the edges. An experienced artisan will have the skills to avoid these defects, however he will not be able to avoid an increase in his invoice. Therefore, there is a non-written agreement among jewellery professionals to dismiss flat mirror surfaces, and wriggle out of it on the grounds of aesthetic criteria.

For the umpteenth sample, I propose my own design:




One of the first lessons in any jewellery workshop consists on forging in "gota de cera", that is, hammering the laminated metal softly, modelling a slight concavity in the outer surface (and convexity in the inner one). This slight concavity will ease up the subsequent grinding and burnishing, minimising the undulations or "waves".

In the previous image, one's finger could get cut with the sharp edge. The shape is so vivid that the model looks unreal. And well, it is, as any render. Let's compare with the back surface render of the model, again suffering from that mirror-phobia:




Instead of "gota de cera" a cylindrical curl with rounded edges has been designed. As we are used to seeing serial manufactured jewels which are technically faulty with rounded edges, the render of this surface looks more realistic.