Occupation: goldsmith, software programmer and Chemical Engineer in the Sarrià Institute of Chemistry in Barcelona (Spain).

Nationality: Diverse. Spanish, Catalonian, a bit Uruguayan and a bit Andalusian.

Address: Barcelona.


A bit of history...

Following the family tradition started by my maternal grandfather and then my father, I started as an apprentice in the Joieries Bagués - Masriera y Carreras workshop - around the year 1979, in Barcelona. There, I learnt the ropes next to my father, Jordi Serra, and other excellent artisans in the workshop. Six years after that, I opened my own jewellery workshop.

After finishing an M.S. in Chemical Engineering in the Sarrià Institute of Chemistry in the year 2001 I moved to Montevideo (Uruguay) where I worked as an engineer for 12 years in two pharmaceutical laboratories. During this period, I kept in touch with the world of goldsmithing, and learnt the 3D digital modelling techniques, which I also applied to engineering.

Since I returned to Barcelona in 2014, I worked as a freelancing engineer and goldsmith, adding 3D digital modelling to my more than 20 years of experience as an artisan goldsmith.