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vieira4The pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela usually wear a scallop shell in order to symbolise their pilgrimage to the site where the apostle's remains are kept. The pilgrim's scallop acquires a spiritual significance. Several legends are told about their origin as a lucky charm during the pilgrimage. I will only state what I like the most, and which is more inspirational in this design: the undulations of the shell stand for a radial convergence of trails aiming at the same meeting point, from several different points of departure. In this case we have designed a silver scallop digitally which, however, will have to be manufactured by means of traditional techniques, why?

By mirror we mean a flat mirror-polished surface. Apparently, this design suffers from the same aversion. A pair of burnished yellow and white gold earrings (total of 29 grams), with 30 brilliants (total 1.55 kt), 2 rubies of 5.0 mm (approximate total 1.0 kt) and enamels.

Here is a new example of the valuable contributions of the digital technique applied to jewel modelling, particularly with geometrical accuracy of the 3D modelling software to enhance the beauty of the designs.

It was applied to the modelling of a pair of burnished yellow and white gold earrings (total of 29.5 grams), with 1.44 kt of brilliants, 4 pearls of 4mm, 2 pearls of 3.4mm and enamels.

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